after doing a free search on their website the user is presented with option to buy a subscription to view the results but after paying you cant log in to see the search results, my search pertained to genealogy, i have screen shots and video of site in action .below is the letter i posted to paypal about the site. CUSTOMER: CREATED: [protected]:29:56 PM Dear clickbank, i subscribed to a search service to help me with my genealogy research i found the site of and subscribed to the service and paid through paypal. i subscribed because of the promises made on the web site that i could search UK Australia and Ireland records. once subscribed they would not let me view the promised records and in fact would not let me log in to that site i believe was a fake login ( i have the full web-page saved as proof)however i am able to log in to their site at but it wont let me see search results of any search they want more money to view results.there is a link on their site that makes you believe you can search UK Australia and Ireland but it is merely a list of links anyone can Google and most are links to well known genealogy sites that you need to subscribe to and pay a fee below is what i signed up for, i can send the web page complete if you like? i have it saved. if i were clickbank i would dissociate myself from this site as they misrepresent what you get, it seems i cant access any results that i search for without paying more money and if my chance i was stupid enough to fall for it again the same thing would most likly happen yes? so i wish to apply for a full refund asap best regard Kevin w Meredith ——– V.I.P PREMIUM – UNLIMITED ACCESS!!($22.99 USD) *Best Value One time Billing *** Includes The Entire Databases For the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, & Australia. **Recommended Choice. One Time Billing

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