Publishering Clearing House Review


Debra Holland called from Publishing Clearing House and stated I won a million dollars. To get money I have to go to bank and withdraw 6,000.00. Told her I could not send that amount of money. Then Debra said she would wire 5000,000.00 to Bank of America. When I get money I am to send it to Melissa Townsend 979 S. Kirkman Rd., in Orlando Florida 32811. Manager, Mr. Bradley called stated that he could not put the money in my bank, it had to be deposited in Wells Fargo or Bank of America. They chose BOA to deposit the money in and gave me account number of 89807222383, routing number 063100277. Mr. Brian Thompson called and stated that he is going to deliver me something, phone number 516-442-1825. Mr. Thompson did not state the day of delivery.

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