Puerto Bahia La Cruz del Huanacaxtle Nationwide Review


Like many Mexican timeshare scams, Puerto Bahia Villas and Spa salespeople and their backups will sell you timeshare and promise you guaranteed rental income under the name of “real estate fractional ownership””. They use this to tell you that you waive your right to cancel the transaction. This is not true: Article 56 of Mexican Federal Consumer Protection Law says you can cancel in writing (email is fine) within 5 business days: embamex.sre.gob.mx/canada_eng/images/consumer.pdf (You cannot waive this right). Puerto Bahia salespeople will then throw alcohol and outings at you to distract you from acting to cancel within 5 days. sure you send email/letter of cancellation within 5 business days! If PuertonBahia argues with you

contact PROFECO (Mexican Federal Consumer Protection) or hire a Mexican timeshare lawyer (the guy we contacted quoted U.S.$2000 flat fee on delivery of a cancelled contract but could not guarantee money back).”

Carretera Punta Mita km0.2, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Nationwide United States of America



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