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The piece of land that is under development by Ecoturismo and Marc Talon,currently known as puerto bahia villas and spa was obtained unlawfully by MarcTtalon and his croonies. thats why the land is being sold 40 percent below market value. The land was illegaly taken to settle a 100,000 dollar loan made to a local woman who was not able to pay it back. She was then threaten with bodily injury to give up the piece of land in return for the unpaid loan. That piece of land has been divided into 233 lots selling for about 125,000 dollars each. BUYERS BEWARE!!!! they say that there is going to give title insurance to the buyers but by the time this mess unrambles Marc Talon and Co. would have made themselves millions. Don t throw your hard earned money away. When you invest in mexico invest in a completed project or one that is near completion and always with the help of a third party realtor.

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puerto bahia villas and spa

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