Punch TV Studios, Inc.


I purchased stock from this company about 4 years ago. They made promises that they will be trading on the stock market within 2 years, After the 2 years i waited and they have not began trading, i placed several emails and phone calls and was told to please hold off as they are still finalizing the details.

I waited another year and nothing. I then asked them the procedure to sell my stocks back to them so i may re-invest my $10,000 with another company. I was informed that they owner will contact me to discuss. i again waited several month with no calls.

I contacted them on December 15, 2020 thru a tracked email and again asked to sell my shares as i was unhappy and belive they are a fraud and lied to me and many others about the program.

A few days later i received a email stating ( Dear Shareholder, We received your email and unfortunately according to your subscription agreement, you cannot sell your shares until we start trading on the stock market.)

so basiccly there (fine print) states no one can sell there stock untill they start trading that was promised 2 years ago.

Buyers beware, read the fine print. i even refered a business partner of mine and they invested another 10K. now we are both fuc**d.

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