Purco Fleet Services Inc Geneva Florida


Complaint: BUYER BEWARE TOTAL RIP OFF: Be careful when using this company at this location. In fact do not use them. I rented a truck at the end of July 2016 and returned it 10.30 PM in perfect condition from DOLLAR in SLC, went and caught my flight and thought nothing of it. Several month later I got a letter in the mail from PURCO from Spanish Forks UT which is a collection agency claiming I owe over $3000 for damage to the rental.At this time of night no attendants were at the location to receive the vehicle. I left it in perfect condition and in the mail I received pictures of damage to the truck that obviously happened long after I had gone in the very tight parking lot probably. I got ZERO communication from DOLLAR- just a harassing letter and phone calls from the collections agency PURCO. Both American Express and my insurance company indicated off the record that they had heard of PURCO and were aware of this scam.DOLLAR, you didn’t have the decency to even reach out to me and went straight to a debt collector for damage I never caused- shame on you- BUYERS BEWARE they will rip you off soon. I never caused the damage and now PURCO are after me regardless. There is no EVIDENCE I caused it whatsoever but it does not seem to matter to them–Never rent from DOLLAR, customer service is terrible in a situation like this- look at Ripoff Scams and complaints dot com for all the bad things said about PURCO Spanish Fork in UT- as a consumer you have no rights and have no say- you have been warned!!

Tags: Auto & Truck Rental

Address: 136 South Main St Spanish Fork, Utah USA

Website: purco.com/

Phone: 801-798-2400

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