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Complaint: July 2017 I spotted an offer of CBD oil to help with my pain and it’s stated 5.95 for shipping only. I agreed to that charge and that charge only and this was two months ago. Are used my bank debit card tied to my checking account for this transaction. (I did not use an actual credit card? Rather I used my debit card numbers which acts like a credit card ) September 2017 I spotted a charge on my bank account for 79.95 I had no idea what the company was or what the charge was for. I called the number associated with the 79.95 charge and reach the customer service agent at a call center offering no information except to give me 20% and then 30% back on the 79.95 charge to my bank account. She also repeatedly read a script that said if I did not cancel the order in 14 days I would be charged. The charger not show up on my account until two months later ?! and there was no 14 day cancellation. I never never never would have ordered a five dollar product if there was an $80 charge staring at me! I am not in good health and my income is limited and the 79.95 charge to my account into overdraft. There is no company itself that I can track down to appeal for a refund for a rip off an Internet scam. Tracy/Hinesburg VT

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: NV USA


Phone: 877 813 3316

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