Purest Skin Care Review


I was checking my email when I came across an add for a new skin cream, facial line. The offer claimed to receive the product for free, just pay shipping and handling. No mention of a trial period, no mention of registering for a monthly product, in fact the add itself had very little info. Once I received the product, there was no shipping invoice or paper work included that could have also mentioned this that it is free for only a 14 day trial then you will be charged the monthly subscription amount and also ineligible for a refund. | Since I did not know I was on trial, I of course missed the 14 day window, but on the 15th day, I saw my credit card charged the 89.95. I called customer service to dispute the charge and he cancelled my “subscription” but there was nothing to be done about the amount charged. I had come across a refund policy on the website so I looked into returning the product since I had only used it once. It said to call customer service, which I did. | The “Supervisor” said that there are no refunds on “trial” product, and since I didn’t call to return it during the 14 day trial, I absolutely could not return the product. I told her that their promotional adds are incredibly unethical, not to mention allowing the consumer to read any commitment in an invoice in the shipment and nothing was said. I am incredibly disipointed in myself for falling for something so obviously bogus but I’m also frustrated that companies have no integrity and legally have no obligation to let consumers know what they are purchasing. “Only pay Shipping and Handling” my a*s. |


  • Name: Purest Skin Care
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Huntington Beach
  • Address: 16787 Beach Blvd #237
  • Phone: (888) 524-7715
  • Website:

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