Purple Services Review


This company, based on a smart phone APP, delivers gas to your car. Meant to “replace” the gas station. You contact them and they bring you the gas and fill up your car’s tank. You pay by credit card. | Unfortunately for me, several people have set up multiple accounts using my credit card numbers and bought gas from Purple. I got charged for goods and services I never ordered and never received. Pretty annoying. | I contacted Purple fair enough and told them of this problem. They don’t care. Like not at all. They won’t reverse the charges, they won’t refund my money, they won’t do anything to stop this happening further int he future, nothing. They consider it my unfortunate luck and that’s about it. I think that is profoundly twisted. They are a rip off.


  • Name: Purple Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Address: 1762 Westwood Blvd., #310
  • Phone: 844-209-2620
  • Website: www.purpleapp.com/

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