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Complaint: I was contacted shortly after my wife and I bought our house. They offered restaurant quality food delivered and a freezer. My sales rep, Scott Hoover, outlined the service and the costs. I asked what we could do should we decide the service does not work for us. He said any time during the first “cycle”” (8 Months) we could cancel and the company would take back the remaining food and they would buy out the financing on the freezer and take it back. Our freezer and the food arrived the next day. But some of the food was missing. The driver said it was back-ordered and would come later. After a month had passed I called Scott to let him know and he said he would take care of it. Two weeks pass and I hear nothing. I call Scott again and he said he would take care of it. Another week passes and he still has not called. Finally after I call him a third time he schedules an appointment to come to my house. When he arrives (11 weeks after we got the freezer) he tells me a story about an incompetent employee as the cause of all the problems. Then he actually tries to up-sale me. I explain that I had no intention in expanding my order until I see the back-order completed. Three weeks pass and no call. I call the 800 number and the man there tells me “”We were just going to call you””. YEAH RIGHT. When I tell him I want to cancel he tells me I cannot get out of the freezer contract and if i default the finance company will sue me. I then call Scott and he now lies and says he never told me I could return the freezer. The only reason I agreed to the service is because he told me I could return everything within the first 8 months without additional cost. You can tell by the laundry list of complaints that this company has no shame or morality. I have contacted an attorney to examine my options for recourse.”

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