Quality Inn, Winnie Texas Encinitas California Review


My stay at the Quality Inn was a nightmare. The clue should have been when I found my door open upon returning to my room. House keeping left it open, problem for thieves to come in. Later after finding my door open, a maid supervisor entered my room without knocking, and when challenged by myself, states she was checking to see if the room had been cleaned. Bull no place opens your door with a master key when a guest is in the room. I believe she was casing the place to steal computers and anything else they could. I guess that’s why they have a sign in the front lobby stating they are not reponsible for stolen items. nMy job depends on being able to use the Internet and filing reports to my Corporation. When I stopped in Winnie Texas, I was assured (first lie) that the Internet Access was great. The first night it would work a little then go down, the second day it would not work at all. nWhen I reported this to the front desk, the only excuse they could give me was, ” well everyone else is using it””

then had a tech call me to see what the problem was. To make a long story longer

it never worked. nThis is when it gets bad. I told the front desk

I was going to leave and wanted my money back for the same day

since I was not able to do my work for the whole day

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