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Complaint: On Sep 0, 2003, I (Jaime Brandao) took my car(96 Ford Explorer, to be fixed at Queens Transmissions, at this location, Mr. Joe, tested and drove my car and told me that the problem was in the transmission and he would charge a fixed price of $863, 57 for the repair, no matter the problem with the trasnmission was, because he should rebuit the whole transmission. He asked me $200,00 for a security deposit at the moment of leaving the car and to pay the remainder $663,57 when picking up my car repaired. So, the next day I left my car at the shop with Mr. Joe and he told me that the car was going to be ready in two days(Sep 6). On Saturday, Mr. Michael from Brooklyn – tel: 718-345-7731, called me and told me he was the technichian in charge of the repair of my car and that the additional cost to fix my car was $980,00 dollars increasing the price arranged with Mr. Joe to the total of $1,843,57. I explained to Mr. Michael that I didn’t have this amount of money. Then, I called Mr. Joe to try to solve this new situation and Mr. Joe told me with scorn that he was not the mechanic. His answer surprised me and then he added that his boss was going to contact me, but he never did. On Monday, Sep. 8, I called Mr. Joe and I told him that I would like to get my car back, and he told me:”If you want your car back without fixed you have to pay $300

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Address: 00 dollars more””. Then

Website: the police officers came to the shop

Phone: I called the NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicle and an agent to whom I explained my problem suggested me to pay the $300

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