Quick Techies Services LLC Review


I was looking for Quick Techies scams as well and found this one. Now in my case i have had to pay$299.99 for a year support and i know i dont have warranty on my computer so i paid them. Its been 9 months no body ever asked me for money or anything seems i will renew my contract with them since i have been happy customers so this review may be right n your case because they tried to sell me some sort of Securities that i denied and i stick with the service contract only. So its you who can play smart what you paid.


  • Name: Quick Techies Services LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Delaware
  • City: Wilmington
  • Address: 3524 SilverSide Rd STE 35B
  • Phone: 866-629-7525
  • Website: www.quicktechies.com/

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