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I was drawn to The Freedom Fighters Network with a Free 7-day Trial offer for membership. The sales funnel supposedly has not only a money back guarantee— but an additonal $150 back if you don’t make money from their “system.” The “Freedom Fighters Network” is simply the front end sytem to attract leads. The back end product is a travel club called “Club Freedom.” I did everything that was required to qualify for their iron-clad guarantee—including subscibing to an autoresponder service and buying leads. I bought 300 leads to the tune of over $300.00. I was told that I would have traffic flowing within the week. A week later I contacted customer service because no traffic was coming yet. They responded it would come in a few days. In the meantime, they had the launch of their backend product. There was pressure to order during a short window of time to get an extra discounted price. And there was an entisement extra lifetime bonus for ordering the premium packages. So I stupidly made the purchase for the top tier for about $6,600. I also contacted customer service and said to be sure to get my leads rolling so that I could start seeing some sales. They responded that it would be soon. (Now this was many days after they had promised it would be in a day or two.) I really started to be concerned the next day when I started to patrol through some of the other members comments when they said just how bad the leads were. One guy said he purchased 200 leads with just a few poor quality signups that did nothing. In the policies it stated I only had 48 hours to get a refund for the travel club. And I found out that the big launch only had $129,000 total in sales for the travel product the first day. I thought that was a very poor showing for the over 23,000 members that they were touting. So I became concerned that this was certainly not as good as I thought. So within 24 hours of my $6,600 purchase that I contacted customer service and asked for refunds. Twice, customer service responded with emails saying just how good their program was and then they said if I dropped out now I will lose out on future sales. Then they ended both emails with “How do you want us to proceed?” Each time I emailed them back with my same request–“Just process all my Refunds and stop all subscriptions.” A few days later their phone number in Colorado was turned off. Their support email no longer worked. And they cut off my access to the member part of the site were I could contact Cusotomer Service. They refused to make good on their guarantee for the additonal $150.00 if I didn’t make money because they said I had to wait for the leads to start flowing. But when I reminded them that I waited almost 2X as long for the leads to flow than what they promised–they didn’t care! OH–and did I mention they will NOT give any refunds at all for the leads that were purchased. Of course, now I concerned if they give any refunds at all. I never recieved any confirmation back from customer service of refunds being processed—and now that they have cut off all ways to contact them I guess I will be forced to dispute charges with my credit card company. Stay AWAY from these guys.

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