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My husband and I applied for a home loan in February of this year via Quicken Loans. After the usual process of pulling our credit scores and such Shariff Alidinar told us we were aporoved no problem. We had to provide a ton of extra information but just thought it was the norm. We were told what was expected for us to pay on our end, and after confirming more than once with Shariff the cost were comfortable to move on to the next step and apprasaisal. For this it switched to a different person, Dan Ristic, who needed even MORE information and low and behold the money needed was changed. Including an ADDITIONAL $5000.00 in our bank account all within a weeks time. Needless to say we stopped everything and decided to not use them. Especially after speaking to our own bank people who advised us that the information we were providing and additional costs were NOT how a normal home loan was conducted. This ended with Quicken at the end of March this year. Now, just recently, we decided to go with a local bank we use to get our new home. After pulling our credit reports we were informed that there was a problem. Here on mine and my husbands reports over just the past 3 months to this date Quicken Loans has been hard pulling our scores continuously!!! Our scores dropped from 700’s down to 530!!!! There is no reason for them to be touching our credit, we ended everything in March. We are looking into seeing what we can do this is a terrible abuse of a persons information. BEWARE!!!!! DO NOT USE QUICKEN LOAN!!!! If you end up not going with them because of all their lies they will destroy your credit so you can’t go anywhere else.

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