QwikFliks Duluth Minnesota Review


I signed up for a month of Qwikfliks on February 4th. I returned my last two movies on March 2nd and tried to cancel. I was unable because I still had two movies “out.”” They have now billed me for another month even though I have returned all movies and have tried to cancel. How is it my fault that they have to be mailed back? I feel as though I am at their mercy. They say when or if they get their movies back and keep charging you accordingly. They say all movies have to be back before you can cancel. Using that policy

you don’t get a full month of service – you cannot rent anything in the last two weeks because it’s not enough time to receive and return. Beware. nBrooknDuluth


PO Box 80819 Rancho Santa Margarita, California U.S.A.

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