R & L Moving Systems, Inc. Monterey Park California Review


I think this company is one of the biggest rip off companys around. I moved everything except the TV (which I purchased in North Dakota) from California to North Dakota the previous year and nothing got broken, dented or “lost”” First of all it was difficut for me as I was in California and my belongings were up in North Dakota. After calling me they informed me that the pick-up would be a couple days late. That was difficult as there had to be someone there and having to have them take off work “”again””. After they loaded up they informed me that they would have to charge a few hundred dollars more because of the weight. Then they kept rescheduling the delivery date. Finally the delivery day had arrived. I had them take it to a Public Storage facility until I could locate an apartment. I was sick when I saw what had happened to my belongings. I only had one piece of furniture. It was a wood side chair

which they did wrap for me. They did put a few other items into boxes (but they did charge for that). I did notice immediatly that my TV was missing. They said they would note that. When they were unloading I could hear glass rattling in the boxes.I also noted there were a few boxes missing

but I thought I had mis-counted. (Wrong!!!) I took pictures of everything they broke or damaged. I noticed that my printer was completly destroyed (and it was well packed).It was un-repairable and I had to buy a new one. They also broke many

many antique items; lamp


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