Rachel Jasmine Vaughn Clarksville, Tennessee Tennessee


Children shattered and a family torn apart. †My husband and I were together for almost 4 years when this young lady came along, we were inseparable ,very much in love. We both met while we served this country in the US Army. I had a 7 year old son that loved him and in my sons eyes he was dad and he treasured their relationship as he didnít have one with his own father due to abuse, which is why chose the service to help get us back together and living our lives in a better place. When I met my husband in 2006 I was less than interested but eventually he grew on me and we became very close he was always there with an upbeat attitude and a smile he always knew how to make things lighter, in my eyes he became our hero. There was nothing I wouldnít do for this man. || We started living together in my home on base after him staying the night all the time I figured we may as well. I would take him to formation in the mornings and we would meet for lunch things were like they should be for 2 people dating. A couple months later he proposed to me it was cute he didnít know how to ask he had no speech prepared and he asked me nervously and I said YES! Of course I was insanely happy so we were married in March of 2006. He was informed of an upcoming deployment so we wanted to make sure things were in place. I had everything before this man came along but he wanted to give us more, of course with the promises of never leaving us or treating us like my sons dad, so we bought a house off post in the Clarksville area. Rewind a little bit when he was staying with me in the house on post we slept in the same bed for a month before we even slept together and go figure the first time we slept together I had gotten pregnant. He told me he didnít want me on active duty anymore that he wanted to take care of us, thatís what would make him feel better. So I went Reserve and decided to go to school for Veterinary Assisting because I had a passion for animals. We made so many plans together. When he left I made sure all the bills were paid and the first time round the deployment and being away from him was very hard and heartbreaking, but I held it together keeping busy with my two boys his son was born so close to his deploying.† He stayed behind to bond with him, he cried when our son was born it was the best day. We were so accomplished in such a short period of time I thought we could survive anything with our strength and love together. The deployments of course pulled us apart as he was a combat soldier he couldnít really tell me much while over there. || When he came back things were different, and we spent the whole year while he was home trying to bring things back around full circle. However, my husband was a procrastinator he did everything last minute. I still handled everything when he returned and all the while, he would go out.† I wasnít too worried but things slowly got worse and worse, he was always drinking and acting a fool and I always had to be the babysitter and make sure our family was first priority. After a while he was flirty with woman telling me he was one place then he was at another and I was getting worried and spoke with him about it….He was turning into a thrill seeking adrenaline junky.† We went to counseling not long though, seemed like he was understanding what he was doing then he would just hurt me in other ways. || Not long after that he deployed again while going thru all this, I knew this deployment would be the make or break of it all, and I’ll be damned it was. He started talking to other women 2 of which backed off when I emailed them but this one particular one (which there always is that one) did not. She said they were pen pals and she was sending naked pics. He was due to return Jan 9 of 2011, he decided to cut his children and I off the bank accounts, stop paying the mortgage, and the car, left me with 888 a month to survive with my children, which there was no way. I went to his chain I went to the FRG I went to IG I went to the chaplain…I would go hungry feeding my children, meanwhile he decided he would engage in a new relationship with this girl and her son. Nov.3,2010 it tore me and the kids apart I had a breakdown. When he returned he moved out the house and In with this girl, 22 years old at the time and we were both going on 29 at the time. || Ever since heís lacked contact with his son, he’s seen him maybe 4 times in the last almost 3 years. He missed 4 birthdays our son is now 6 and my now 13 year old son resents and despises him. It breaks my heart that a little girl could cause so much pain to children and have one of her own. There is so much more to the story of course but we all know how it goes. There is light at the end of the tunnel..and my children and I are resilient, we donít need someone like that. †NEVER again will I get married, I gave everything and lost everything itís a shame. The first Pic is of her and him the second is of me he did downgrade but thatís ok karma is a bitch and now they can both be my pen pals when they write me my alimony and child support checks.

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