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In 2009 Rick Cushman came to a u s military base at Port Humenie ,Ca a 197 Ford Mustang convertible yellow., to restore.After the death of my daughter I was staying on this naval base to help care for my grandkinds. My son in law moved off base and i contacted Rick Bushman to come get my car since it was stored in a garage for over 30 years, He was to restore and replace engine. The orgnal engine was actually the one that was not in the car. However he was to install that engine and return the other engine back to me to be put into my daughters 66 Mustang, any way it took me 23 months to get rick to admit that he didnt have my car,, I found my car stripped and a total at a body shop in Ojai Ca.. Yes I was ripped off very upset to think he could do this to me to take advantage of a mom that has lost a child and I am a senior citizen he took my life svings.. Ive tried to contact him to sue him was told by his sister that he left the state and he really didnt care what has happened. The money was $10,thous. I do know he had a bank account at citibank in Ojai Ca. When I talked to other shop owners where i found my car. Rick ripped off o so many people. If i could find him u bet i would sue him. Thanks to him i no loger have a car to drive. This car was a classic and was worth 40 thousand,. so I have lost alot. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate any input.O the only reason Why I found y stripped car is I filed a stolen car report in ventura ca. with sheriff dept. | Heartbroken Burbank Ca


  • Name: Rad Rick Designs
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Ojai
  • Address: 35 Fix Way
  • Phone: 805 421-9313
  • Website:

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