Radialabs Hollywood Florida Review


Radialabs is a true scam. They offered a sample cream online for a very small amount, I believe it was $3.95 or $6.95. The shipment arrived. Someone called from their office to confirm if i wanted the additional product of the offer. I told them NO. Only the sample. Then a charge for $74.95. appeared on my credit card and I just verified today with the credit card and they did it again . NO Other merchandise has been received, but they have continued to charge it. I have initiated a dispute with my credit card company Suntrust, buttheyr require a letter, not just a phone call. I have tried many times calling the number 8887788624 that appears on my credit card statement or finding a physical address of this RAdialabs company in Hollywood to no avail.n

Hollywood Florida Hollywood, Florida United States of America


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