RADIANCE MED SPA Potomac Maryland Review


BEWARE OF THIS PLACE! I took my 16 yr. old daughter for outbreaks of severe facial acne and they burned her face- causing her acne to worsen with bacterial infection!! n Upon examination their staff strongly recommended: n1.t(That) she stop the treatment her dermatologist had her on (Retin A) as continuing the use of Retin A would exacerbate the acne outbreaks. n2.tTo do two recommended Cosmalan treatments at least it would work without exacerbating the acne outbreaks. nIn addition: n1.tThe patient minor was directly informed that this treatment would work in 3 to 4 days. Oral statement and representations were made that this treatment cleared acne in 90% of the acne patients you see with conditions worse than hers at the time of the consultation. n2.t100% guaranteed that her skin condition would not get worse before it would get better! Relying on this professional recommendation we decided to accept their diagnosis to undertake (2) two separate Cosmelan treatments. nAcne condition deteriorated over the next 2 weeks following treatment. Inflammation, increased breakout and bacteria infection were present. nSubsequently, I called to cancel the second treatment and suggested that Radiance therefore make arrangements for alternate treatment or refund the costs of the second treatment; $600.- From what was initially explained to me there were (2) separate treatments recommended at $600 each. nSurprisingly, Radiance insisted the second treatment continue and also advised that if canceled the second treatment there would be no refund. If the second treatment has yet to be applied, then Im at a loss to understand how can they legitimately withhold my $600.00. Charlotte the owner, said their charge even for one of their treatment is $1,200. All internet sites charge $600 at a spa for one, with the jars selling for $299. nEqually upsetting are the actions of Charlotte the owner, who also made phone calls directly to my daughter (a minor) at her place of employment and in direct violation of my parental instruction of which Radiance had previously been made aware including what I feel to be unreasonable demands, i.e., that my daughter leave her job and go immediately to the spa in a public taxicab. I assume Radiance was willing to accept liability for any incident involving a minor traveling upon explicit direction as Corporate business? nRadiance continues to insist that they will not reimburse or replace with different treatment. Charlotte the owner said” as long as I have the waivers you signed- you can go ahead and sue me “”. nI certainly hope that this will not happen to anyone – this business need to learn how not to abuse it’s own customers- intentionally deceiving a minor afflicted with acne

making her deceiptful promises and worsening her condition and then refusing to reimburse for the treatment canceled!! The owner Charlotte handled the situation with egregious conduct involving the professional services provided; and complete disrespect acting against my request not to contact my daughter (who is a minor) directly. nMaribelnPotomac




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