Radiancy Inc. Wyandotte Michigan Review


I purchased the NO! No! hair removal device after viewing their infomercial on TV, just before Christmas, 2014. After reading the instructions, I learned that it wouldn’t work on normal body hair longer than about an eitgth of an inch, even though the informercial showed an actor with long arm air, who stated it worked better than a wax. It doesn’t work. period. After numerous passes over my arm, it left most of the hair and smelled like it was just burning the hair that it was removing. When I attempted to return it, I was told that they would refund my deposit, but wouldn’t pay for postage to return it, even though their commercial indicated they would. I found out two big problems. First, i had to “try”” the device for 45 days to get the postage paid and second the device actually cost 3 times what I paid for it and was going to get billed for two more payments (close to $300 in total). I waited until March 9

2015 to call them back to get the ‘free postage number required’ to return it. I was then told that I had waited past 60 days and that they would not accept a return

much less pay for postage. They said that there commercial said the money back guarantee was only if you tried the device between 45 and 60 days. I never recieved a written receipt either online or by mail indicating any of these terms. I spoke to the supervisor and did not recieved anything more than the same answer———-“”I waited to long and was out of luck. I only had until March 1

2015 to call back and it was March 9

2015————–9 days to late according to them. I am still trying to figure out which credit card I used to dispute it with them

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