Radical Racing Review


I took my mustang in to the owner of Radical Racing in Atco, NJ Craig Ratovich for a simple tune. He told me my supercharger was bad, so we put a new one on which took him 1.5 years. So now my car was there 1.5 years. When I showed up to pick it up, I found it funny that the car had no gas. Started driving it home and engine was knocking, so I turned around immediately and drove back to his shop. I told him don’t you hear that engine knocking? Obviously someone in his shop went for a joy ride and blew the engine. He was trying to tell me it was the transmission and if I bought one he would put it in for free. He’s thinking I’m an idiot and trust me, I am no new kid on the block with cars, so I played his game and bought a new transmission for him to put in. After more excuses and another year, he finally tells me that the transmission he told me to buy wouldnt work on my car and he sold it to another customer and would give me the money to buy the one that would work with my setup. We’re at 2.5 years without a car. It took him a little while to give me the money but he finally did. So I went out and bought another transmission and he put it in 6 months later. Keep in mind we’re at 3 years that he has had my car now. At about 3.5 years, he told me car was fixed and I drove down to pick it up. Started to drive it to my house and engine knock still there, I decided not to turn back and I kept my car home for about a week deciding what to do. So I brought it back to him as he promised he would fix it and that it was no big deal. Another year goes by with no action, so I finally decided to just pick up my car and take the loss and take it to another shop. One lie after another and excuse after excuse and 4.5 years later, all the while he is fixing other customers cars the entire time during the 4.5 years, and I was paying this guy CASH. Who knows what he is doing in there with the other cars, as I have heard many complaints by other people in the area. I have learned my lesson and hope that my story will prevent others from being scammed by Radical Racing in Atco, NJ.


  • Name: Radical Racing
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Atco
  • Address: 687 Jackson Road
  • Phone: 856-753-7117
  • Website:

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