Radio Shack Milton Washington Review


I had bought my grandsons 4 battery motorized airplanes at $17.00 bucks a piece and 3 months later when they had the chance to fly them, they broke. All four of them after one flight. There was no abuse to them. We were flying or trying to fly them in a grass field. Two of them flew great until they landed on the grass where the wings busted off. The other two the planes wouldn’t take a charge after the two had flown them once. Now granted, they are made of Styrofoam but the person who sold me them said that he had one and there very durable. That he loved his. Yep, at $17.00 dollars a piece that’s without taxes, I felt I was ripped off. Now I go to a variety of Radio Shacks for things that I would like to enjoy with my grand kids but because of this latest incident, I don’t think I would go to them ever again. I took these back to the store I bought them at and I was told that because I didn’t buy their package plan that covers these if something goes wrong, I’m out of luck. My question is why would a legit company that makes millions take advantage of one by first lying to them to make a sale, and then not stand up for the product they’re selling by at least replacing the defective items they sold to a customer who utilizes their businesses often? At least take these cheap airplanes off the shelves and redeem the cost from the vender. They lost my business and also my friends and family. So it was under $80.00 for them but to me it is money I earned from my work that is hard to come by anymore in this economy. Thanks for the defaulted airplanes and I hope that others don’t fall into the same lies and deceiving ways you do business. There are places that redeem their product as it should be and this my friend, brings thumbs up to their customers. A outfit that brings in millions can’t afford to give back is shameful. Especially for a little amount. Shame on you.

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