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Did you see a YouTube ad where a young guy flaunting an Audi A6, his dream laptop, an iPhone 11, a Flat, and a DSLR camera?

Then you probably know who Iím talking about already. Mr. Rahul Mannan is trying to become the Indian Tai Lopez. But he lacks the intelligence, skills and experience to make any useful content. However, he markets himself as a well-rounded expert and portrays a fake image on his social media channels.

Fake Wealth & Lies

First off, he is not as rich as he claims to be. Taking a stroll through his Instagram feed shows us that he certainly does not use an iPhone 11, as the quality of his pictures is plain bad compared to a photo taken from iPhone 11. Hereís a comparison down below:

One one hand we have a photo taken from the front camera of an iPhone 11 and on the other the recent photo posted by Rahul Mannan. I think itís clear that Mannanís photo lacks the clarity & quality of an iPhone 11 camera. Itís safe to say that he does not own an iPhone 11.


Note: The Audi A6 might be owned by his father or a relative. However, Iím totally sure that he is not the owner of that car.

I estimate he lives in an upper-middle class house and failed at school. Because of his privileged life and laziness, he decided to start selling a course online and make money this way. He is copying the well known online guru scam and implementing it in India to make Crores.

Due to the virus, many people have lost their jobs and Mannan knows this, thatís why he is marketing his course right now. He plans to manipulate the people who lost their jobs, or are looking for a job or a means of income.

His YouTube about page shows how academically well he is. Rahul doesnít even know how to write a professional about page, how can he teach you how to do affiliate marketing where you have to write countless posts online?

Shady Terms & Conditions Of Rahul Mannan

If you head over to the terms & conditions page of Rahulmannan dot com. Youíll see a very poorly written joke of a Terms & Conditions copy. It seems Rahul has wrote the page himself and tried to seem like he was a lawyer, but he failed miserably in doing so.

Even though the T&C page is poorly written, it has some really suspicious and shady statements, which take away all the power from the buyer/customer.

I usually ask my legal team to look into such matters, but this copy is not that complicated to take apart. So Iíve done it myself.

Here are the TnCs you should know about before you purchase Rahul Mannanís Affiliate Secrets course:

Our Affiliate Secrets course comes with 30 days full money back guarantee but to get your refund you should have been complete less than 40% of the course and you should have a valid reason for refund. we have this condition so we can prevent or business from frauds.

The first half of the course (the 40%) is full of fluff which means by the time youíll realize how bad the course is, you wouldnít be eligible for a refund.

Rahul Mannan does not make any representations concerning the accuracy or reliability of the use of the materials 

He literally takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data he shows in the course! So if he says you can make 1-2 lac rupees per month with this course, then it is all just a big fat lie.

The materials appearing on Rahul Mannanís Website may include technical, typographical, or photographic errors. Rahul Mannan will not promise that any of the materials in this Website are accurate, complete, or current.

Just like the condition I showed earlier, this one also takes away any right for the customer to hold Rahul accountable. This allows Rahul to make the bizarre claims he makes without any consequences. He can claim he made 30lac rupees from his ďtrickĒ but he is not legally liable to ensure that the statement is true!

Rahul Mannan Will Not Give You A Refund!

If you go on Rahul’s website and ask for a refund, they won’t give you a refund directly!

After people started noticing that Rahul is scamming people, they started asking for a refund. And because Rahul is not a legit businessman, he doesn’t want unsatisfied customers to get their money back.

So now he has added a ~8 minute video on his refund page where he basically begs you to not ask for a refund.

This shows how desperate and fake Rahul is.

Rahul Mannan Course Reviews Are Fake!

All the Rahul Mannan reviews you see online, which promote him as an amazing guru, are fake! Iíve listed all the fake reviews of Rahul that you might stumble upon, do not fall for these phony reviews! They are sponsored by Rahul Mannan and only have one purpose, to sell you his useless course!

You might ask me, ďHow do you know these are fake reviews?Ē. So hereís my full breakdown of these fake reviews, so you can be rest assured that Iím not making this up.FAKE

YouTube Review

Rahul Fake Reviews

If you see the description of this so-called review, then youíll see a link to Rahul Mannanís course. Ignoring the god awful use of emojis, you might notice that this link is different than the actual link to the course. You know why? Because this is a tracking link. This YouTube video has been sponsored by Rahul Mannan and with the help of this tracker he can see how many customers he is generating. Or in other words, how many people he is successfully scamming.

The same is the case with every other review of Rahul Mannan you might find online.FAKE

SmartSuman.com Review

Rahul Fake Reviews

Affiliatemarketting.tech Review

Rahul Mannan Fake Reviews

Medium.com Review

Rahul Mannan Fake Reviews

Rahul Mannan Course Landing Page

Rahul Mannan Review Verdict:

Rahul Mannan is trying to scam young and passionate students by giving them false hope & then taking their money. He paid websites to post fake 5-star reviews to manipulate the lakhs of people he is scamming. Avoid his course at all costs!

This review (Rahul Mannan) was originally published at Gripeo. To read the full review, go to – www.gripeo.com/rahul-mannan/

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