Rainbow Vacuum Joliet Illinois Review


This is a deaf scam and ripoff. Beware of the deaf con artist, Joseph Falsetta. He says he is from San Diego, Ca. Do not buy any Rainbow vacuum cleaners. I met J. Falsetta at a booth at Harper College for the Deaf Nation Expo on Nov. 5, 2011. He harrassed me in his aggresive way and made me sign my name on the EAC (financial) forms without explaining it to me. He did not have any business cards to pass out and he showed nothing to reveal his true name. I did get his office video phone number through customer service. He lied about the guarantee he had promised me when he sold me the vacuum and denied what he had said. I asked to return it and he said no. He violated my consumer rights for cancellation. He obtained my social security number illegally. He refused to give me a copy of EACs policy contract. He also refused Return Merchandise Authority with no return label. nTracking numbers on 3 packages were reshipped to the original owner. Under a fake name was successful. He used another fake name, J. Citrio. J. Falsetta manipulated & harrassed me from time to time thnrough video phone. I had to contact BBB in 4 different states to find J. Falsetta because of the packages I was stuck with before. nI investigatged 2 differfent Eco Smart Corpos in CA and the third one in Hawaii (where J. Falsetta supposedly works). It turned out to be a scam. They had never heard of him. nI am convinced that I am a victim of J. Falsetta’s scam tactics. He has no respect for any customers. I was overwhelmed & shocked that EAC limited the guarantee to 3 days. Not 30, 60 or 90 days. They also charged outrageous prices. Do not buy any Rainbow vacuum cleaner from him!

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