RaiseGame / JTunes Media Complaint


Checking our banking info online and I noticed a charge on our credit card for $39.95 on 23Dec2013. I asked my husband if he had ordered anything and he was as shocked as I was. We don”t play online games and while we have a credit card, it isn”t used except in emergencies. I checked RAISEGAME.com for information on their “products” and then went through our computers internet history, cookies and programs. NO sign of anything in regards to this company. Then I called RAISEGAME.com and attempted to talk with its “Friendly 24/7 Call Center” where I was treated very rudely. The operator would not allow me to speak, accused us of signing up for their product and told us they weren”t obligated to offer a refund. Once again, I pressed for a refund and she said they would refund the charges. I believe she said it only to appease me. I highly recommend contacting your bank as I believe that RAISEGAME.com has unethical business practices and are charging unsuspecting individuals credit cards without their knowledge. I believe our information was gained without us even being aware, as neither my husband or I have not entered any of our credit card information.

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