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Complaint: I bought a st bernard from Rama Jama kennels. This was done after much consideration and with the breeder helping me to chose the perfect dog. I had my st shipped to me by a transport person that ships for Rama Jama Kennels. My st arrived in November of 09. She arrived to me she had no paperwork what so ever. No akc papers, no health papers no health gaurantee all which were suppose to come with her. When I asked the transport person for the papers she thumbed through the papers she had for the other couple dogs and my were not in there. She said Oh crystal sometime like to send them by mail. So I was leary but didn’t know what to do. When I emailed Cyrstal she said she never sends papers with shipper. I thought legally health papers must be sent with animal shipped. Well Its now May 2010 and still no papers of any sort. When she arrived She was dirty, underweight, severe ear mites and totally unsocialized or abused not sure which one. It took a couple months for her to come around but to this day is still scared to death of men. 45 days after I recieved Mirra she began to have seizures. first weekly then every few days. After doing alot of research I found that most likely she had these seizures before I purchased her..since she was a kennel dog I always trying to find the good in people thought maybe since she was a kennel dog that they went un noticed. I also found that most likely they were caused from improper breeding. I notifed Crystal and after 3 emails to her she answered saying I could ship her back at my expense and she would replace her with another dog shipped back to me at my expense so my 1300 dog returned for another would have me investing an additional 1.000 for a replacement dog. I could not morally send this poor dog back to whatever conditions she lived in before. From reading multiple complaints I cannot speak from seeing only hearing that they were not good. After many emails she finally agreed to let me keep Mirra with pet papers and she would refund 400.00 of my money that was months ago. I kept emailing and she finally returned my email saying 3 weeks ago she was sending out refund still nothing. During this time..Mirra developed skin infections (staph) and now even with seizures meds she continues to have seizures. I have given her one last chance to refund money before taken legal action. I have every email corraspondense from day 1 to back up everything. I am hoping to band together with others that have suffered heartache from this breeder/show exhibitor. Hopefuly we can stop this before anymore sick dogs are bred there and sent on to innocent buyers.

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Address: 27041 453rd ave Internet United States of America

Website: www.ramajamakennel.homestead.com/

Phone: 1-605-957-5148

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