Ramblewood East Condo Association Coral Springs Florida Review


One day coming from home I found my internet sevice and television cable service cut off, so I called the cable company to report an outage only to find out it was at the request of the association. The only problem was that I was paying for the internet service myself. After four hours of back and fourth with the cable company they sent a technician to see why my internet service was not working only to find out the following: The maintance guys for the association decided just to pull of the cable on the main internet switch, cutting the service that I was paying for and also proceeded to place their own locks on the place leaving me with no tv or internet. Not only that, but the maintanance fees owed to them were from four months ago. I had sent the checks, but they must have lost them, and they sent me to collections four months later without even contacting me with a letter or a phone call in over 3 months. My credit is very important to me, and they have ruined it because of their incomptence in handling fees. I guess I physically have to go to the office and take them to the bank to cash the checks so this does not happen again? But really we are only residents and they have an attourney who they said I could only deal with because they could not talk to me directly. This is just bullying, and people should hear from cases like these before they make a decision on where to buy their homes. I wish I would have known this, and I would have never moved to a place like this. It is very frustrating to be in this situation, when a power hungry machine can do whatever they feel like against their own residents.

4128 nw 88th ave Coral Springs, Florida United States of America

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