Rami’s Pizza San Antonio Texas


Complaint: I have been ordering from this Rami’s location for over 2 years and find the food there amazing. However, I recently obtained a coupon for an ongoing 20% off up to $25 maximum from Entertainment.com When I called to place my last order with them yesterday evening, the staff member answering the telephone advised me that this coupon must be submitted on the Rami’s website. I advised her that I had just attempted to submit the order online but was unable to submit the coupon code via the website because Rami’s website did not have a place for submitting this information. She told me to include the coupon code number in the “additional instructions”” section of the online ordering system and that she would leave a note for the manager to adjust the discount off my bill when he arrived 03/04/2016. I was further instructed by the delivery person to contact the manager by phone on 03/04/2016 to ensure that the discount had been applied. I called 03/04/2016 as I had been instructed by two employees

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Address: but the manager immediately began arguing with me when I mentioned having used a coupon when ordering. I repeatedly asked him to hear my concerns and to stop interrupting me as he had been doing for several minutes. He finally told me to “”hold on”” while he spoke with one of his employees about the coupon. This employee confirmed to him what she had told me

Website: then telling me to “”f*** off”” before hanging up the telephone on me. I’ve enjoyed this pizza establishment for the past 2 years (probably longer than that

Phone: and he then began telling me that the coupon was not valid for online ordering but was only valid when placing an order while physically in the store. He said that he would adjust the amount off on this occasion but would not honor the discount in future

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