Ramona Hayes Raines Postelwait Elkview, West Virginia West Virginia


My ex-husband and I got together in October 1996. We fell in love instantly. We were perfect for one another. We got married on May 31, 1997 and our son was born October 1999. We were a typical couple. We had our ups and downs but we always stayed together. That is of course until 2007 when this ďthingĒ came into our lives. || My ex worked out of state for a paving company. This ďthingĒ was the equivalent of a lot lizard that all the men on his crew and other crews passed around for a quick piece of ass. The first time I ever heard of her, my ex was telling me that he felt sorry for her because she was so big and all the guys made fun of her. This should have been my first warning but I honestly didnít believe that he would cheat on me, I trusted him. The majority of our relationship, he worked out of state and had never given me a reason not to trust him. || As it turns out he had an emotional affair with her for a little over a month. All the while, he was becoming more distant from me and he was picking fights with me all the time. In July 2007, we fought and I asked him to leave. He called her to pick him up and they went to a hotel together. She knew he was married and had a son. She didnít care. || We went back and forth for about a year. We were still sleeping together, he would call me while at work and I would go to his job to see him. For spite, I continued to have sex with him. I know it was childish of me but I got some satisfaction in the fact that he wasnít faithful to her. I even videotaped me and him together and sent it to her, along with the phone records that proved were we talked every night. This continued until May 2008, when our divorce was final. || I really wanted to let everyone know what type of person Mona is. My son sent his dad letters and she would return them to him. My son would call his dad and she wouldnít let him talk to him. My step son (my exís first son with another woman) wasnít allowed to see or talk to his dad and when he went to see his dad, she cussed him and ran him off. I ended up beating her ass in July 2008 over my son and step son. You just donít mess with someoneís kids! || Mona doesnít allow my ex to have contact with either of his kids, his mom, his dad or his sister. She has basically cut him off from everyone. She is so jealous, that she texts him over 200 times a day and if he doesnít answer, she will show up at his work. Mona ended up pregnant and as soon as she had their son, she got fixed. She didnít want kids; she didnít want to share attention with anyone! Even now my ex isnít allowed to go do anything with their son. || Monaís mom got sick with pancreatic cancer and Mona would cuss her and yell at her. She blamed her mom for being sick because she had to stay there and take care of her and couldnít go out to the bars. We went to court over visitation while her mom was sick and my ex told the judge that he couldnít have visitation with our son because he couldnít bring strangers into his home because he lived with his mother in law and she was sick. The judge was so appalled, he discontinued visitation all together. || There is just so much I could tell you all about Mona but I donít want this to go on forever. Karma has already set in on my ex and he is miserable. He tells me all the time how he feels like a dog on a leash. We still talk and he still calls me from work -mostly to complain about her and his life. We even manage to meet up a few times a year. I think he is definitely getting what he deserves and I have told him so. He is the one that picked this trash and now he has to deal with the consequences. I know itís not right but it makes me feel good knowing how miserable he is and that he isnít faithful to her.

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