Ramona York Crossen New Albany, Mississippi Mississippi


This happened many years ago. My husband and I had been married for a little over a year and were trying to conceive our first child. He started a new job and met this older woman. She was in her 30s, married (or maybe engaged, I don’t remember) with 2 kids. Shortly after starting the job he started acting funny. He was always talking about her and they used to carpool back and forth to work. I didn’t think much of it at first but eventually we got to the point where we barely said anything to each other. I still didn’t think anything of it. He took me to meet her one time and we went to her house and played cards. I thought she was a little strange but my hubby had a thing for befriending strange people so it was nothing new. || One night I randomly brought up his “friendship” with her and he kicked me out of our house! Dropped me off at my parents in the middle of the night and left. He came back the next day, crying and talking about how he made a big mistake and begging me to take him back. I did on the condition that he stop talking to her as she was obviously causing problems. He agreed and we tried working things out. It quickly became apparent that he hadn’t followed through and left her alone. I heard from mutual friends that they acted coupley at work and spent every break together. He started coming home late from work saying his car had broken down among other things. Eventually we talked about it again because things were worse than ever. I asked him a hypothetical question, if I asked him to choose between me and his friendship with her, which would he choose? He didn’t know. I asked him to leave a few days later and we were separated for a few months, no communication or anything. || I knew he was having an emotional affair with her. I found email in his account between them. Eventually we got back together, she quit her job and we never heard anything else from her. I found out a few years ago that it went beyond just an emotional affair and he slept with her at least once. My husband was a virgin when we met and I had thought I was the only person he had ever been with sexually until he let it slip when we were with friends that he had slept with 2 people. I asked him later who it was and he confessed to sleeping with her years ago and never telling me. I contemplated leaving but we had 2 kids by this point who were still very young and I decided to try and work things out for their sake. || I discovered last year from someone who knows her husband that she became pregnant shortly after she quit and her husband made her have a DNA test done because there was a chance it could have been my husband’s. Thankfully, it wasn’t but just the thought that it could have been disgusts me. We’ve talked about it quite a bit the past few years because we separated once again due to him starting an emotional affair with a younger woman at work. Thankfully I got through to him and he cut off contact with her before it went too far. This woman though, is a cougar! She went after someone 10 years younger than her, acting first as a friend and then putting all these ideas in my husband’s head about how bad our marriage was just so she could take advantage.

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