Ranchin Ragz Ragdolls Reviews & Complaints


Date: May 2019 The purpose of this review is to inform individuals there are better options for your Ragdoll needs. I originally read one negative review and have since found a few more. Let”s add another to the pile. We wanted to give Dekoel the benefit of doubt and really make this work but have come to realize, where there”s smoke, there”s fire and this place needs to be extinguished. Initially, all was fine and communication was instant but after a deposit was sent and despite promises of communication and photos/progress of the kitten all dialogue became more distant and challenging. We made numerous attempts to ask Dekoel for simple assistance such as brands of litter, food, delivery, and anything in order to accommodate our future family member but was given silence and distant responses. This culminated to a week before the “expected arrival date” when she asked us to send $1600. We asked for a contract and a video as we hadn”t seen any recent updates of the kitten (a contract is pretty standard in our opinion and blindly handing someone $1800 without an agreement seemed a bit odd). Dekoel responded by accusing us of mistrust and threatened to give the kitten to another individual on the waiting list. Months of anticipation and excitement dashed in an instant and replaced with tears and regret. This was an awful experience and no one should have to go through this. The very next day we were able to find another local breeder where the experience has been nothing but pleasant. There are much better options out there. Don”t bother with Ranchin Ragz Ragdolls.

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