Randolph Wexler Review


My company provided care for Randolph Wexler’s mother while she was living in South Florida. After 3 weeks of providing care on no notice (we staffed a nurse aide on a Sunday within two hours), we realized that Randy Wexler was solely responsible for all financial matters for his mother. This is contrary to the information provided to us initially. After providing us a credit card which was then cancelled before invoices were due, we realized there was no intention by Randy to pay us. It’s hard to believe someone with a Naples, Florida and Greenwich, Connecticut addresses wouldn’t pay for nursing services provided for his dying mother. I guess that’s why Randy Wexler can afford these residences, since he doens’t pay his bills. Must be interesting living this way and not paying a small business for services provided to his own mother. Hopefully, anyone dealing with Randy Wexler will read this and know exactly the kind of deadbeat they engage.

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