Randy Halfpop


Randy Halfpop (Compass Wealth Group) got my money invested in a shady company. Unethical and unprofessional advisor.

Randy Halfpop, CFP, MS, is a fraudulent finance professional who recommends shady investments to his clients. He is the co-founder of the Compass Wealth Group and works as an independent financial planner. Randy has been working in the finance industry as a planner for more than 15 years. He might have stellar credentials but they are only to hide the fact that Randy is a lying thief. 

Randy told me to invest a huge sum into an unknown and terrible company. I lost the entire investment and found out later that the organization he had recommended to me actually belonged to a shady individual. This was suprising. I believe Randy should go to jail and rot there but I donít see that happening.†

I had read a lot about unethical and shady professionals but I had never encountered any until I hired Randy. He is a selfish and greedy thief who can do anything to fill his pockets. He can lie to his client and dupe him or her if it suits his interest. 

I had hired Randy in the summer of last year. I was looking for a wealth management advisor and he seemed like the right fit. When I first met him, I was very impressed. He seemed like a reliable professional who knew what he was talking about. A few months later he  recommended me to invest a huge sum in an unknown company. When I asked him about the details  of that organisation he told me that even though it looks weak on paper, it was a promising investment and I shouldn’t hesitate. 

At that time Randy sounded more like a stock broker than a financial advisor and I was a little taken aback. 

Still I followed his advice and invested in that company. I will find out later that the company Randy recommended me to invest in, actually belonged to a very shady individual and the company was a joke. It didn’t make a profit and I lost a substantial amount because of it.†

When I found out that the company belongs to Randy Halfpop, I confronted him. I wanted to know why he didn’t tell me this important detail in the first place. He said it didn’t matter at all whether the company belonged to a shady individual or not. His answer was unsatisfactory. I then asked him what he saw in that company because there must be something, otherwise why would he recommend it to one of his highest paying clients? This question caused him to panic and he started blabbering about how he doesn’t have to explain himself to me and that I don’t have the authority to question his decision.†

I was bewildered. I had never seen such an arrogant and negligent finance professional before in my life. We had another meeting because I wanted to give him a chance but in that meeting too he behaved the same way. He didnít apologize for doing such an unethical and immoral thing. Instead he acted like nothing had happened. I had lost a substantial amount of investment so I wanted answers. But Randy didn’t want to acknowledge that incident, let alone discuss it. 

So when I realised how stupid it would be too to work with him now, I won’t recommend him. Now he has started going around and claiming that my company is a terrible one and spread rumors about us. This was another shock for me but wasnít very surprising because I have seen Randy behave and this is something you would expect a guy like him to do.†

His mischievous actions prompted me to write this review here. I kept silent before but when I saw how childish Randy truly is, I canít handle it anymore. Regarding the fraudulent investment he forced me to make earlier, I found out about its reality through a PI. Randy never told me the truth. I wonder how many people have lost their hard-earned savings because of the lies and greed of Randy Halfpop. In my opinion, Randy should quit the finance industry and go somewhere else. But I donít think he would follow that advice. He is too busy stuffing his pockets with his clients money. 

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