Randy Spencer (Pitch Music) tucson Arizona Review


I first emailed Randy Spencer through a craigslist ad around MAY2012. In the first month of correspondence (before payment) he would always text or email back within about an hour or so. He would answer my phone calls all the time. I researched him for a month and found two bands with bad things to say about Pitch Music, one band stating to absolutely stay away from him and that he is the reason their band broke up. Randy explained this as they were Christian singers who drank and partied so the label he connected them with dropped them. They didnu2019t respond further so I couldnu2019t confirm. After a payment of about $975 Randy didnu2019t speak to me for a week. It seemed unusual to me as I would have expected a progress report and updates as to who he was sending my music too. After a week I attempted several times with text, email, and calling to contact him, but to no avail. Another week passes and I decide to try calling through a different number around 10am. He answered right away and when I ask whatu2019s going on he says that BOTH of his cell phones are not working and he will send me a progress report later in the day. I text at 4pm asking for the progress report and receive no reply or no report. I text again at 7 and still no reply or answer when I call. I download an app to give me a different number and then send a text from there. He replies within 10 minutes and when I write back that it is me and where is the report I do not receive any reply. I continue attempting contact over the next couple days for a PROGRESS REPORT. Please note I did not ask for results or upset that no results had come in. I didnu2019t expect results for several months but I did expect to be kept updates and not ignored. This is now at 3 weeks and I have nothing. I hear nothing for months as I attempt repeatedly through text, email, facebook, voicemail, etc to ask for my money back as it is apparent he deceived me. A P.I. firm states that Randy has no bills whatsoever under his name and that this is common with scam artists. They state he only has PO BOXes and about 10 different email addresses. I purchase a full background check which confirms this. He is also, at the time of this going on, being sued by his landlord for I believe an eviction. I move back to Arizona from Virginia (being medically separated from the military) and that is when I contact his wife, Lilian Voden, and explain what her husband is doing. She states that he has had around 3 other bands she knows of who has major issues where he had to return money or face legal issues. She also states that they are going through a divorce. After his wife informs him that I am now living in Arizona as well and that I was able to find her contact information he finally contacts me. This is in AUGUST2012. He states that he will return my money and admits that he was wrong. It is now MAY2013 and he has only returned $200 of the $969. I also spoke with another band who states they are pending legal action against Randy Spencer Rocker. (His last name is Rocker not Spencer)

500 S. Mill Ave., Box 303 Tempe, Arizona USA

7608152727 and 7606334843


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