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Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2013-04-10 by rangeland rv Worst Service Department comments posted back from Rangeland rv are not coming back from Russell. They are coming back directly from myself the owner Dania J Filippetto. Once again all the comments above I understand peoples frustrations. Most of these comments do not comment towards my staff being rude or having poor customer service but rather with complaints of issues that you are having with your rv from manufacturer defects… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2012-11-01 by rangeland will post my name Worst Service Department get an answer from Rangeland RV. the owner maybe checks in here more often than the actual service department at Balzac. All comments here is exactly what we experience from Rangland RV. come pick up your trailer, we can”t find the problem. Customers really appreciate that. Service manager calls saying your trailer is fixed then a tech calls an hour later asking for details about the problems? I mention that I was informed that the problem was fixed already, the tech spills out the truth… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2012-10-29 by rangeland rv Worst Service Department As the owner of Rangeland Rv, I am sad to see these postings when we are a company that does all we can to ensure the best customer service possible. Many of these complaints are issues that the manufacturer will not cover but we try to do what we can to help our consumers anyway. Please respect that we do not build the products but that all these consumers own top of the line rv”s and that as a dealer we try our best to fix the issues that consumers our having in a timely fashion… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2012-10-29 by rangeland rv Worst Service Department Rockwood 840452, Rangeland Rv has done everything possible to fix the stereo issue that you as a consumer has had with the fifth wheel. We have replaced the stereo once, additionally have purchased a am booster outside of Forest River and have installed that into the fifth wheel and you are still not getting the stations that you want… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2012-07-22 by Teknocat Worst Service Department I too can vouch for Rangeland RV”s very poor customer service. They very clearly do not give a rats ### about you once they have your money, they will not stand behind their products, and will find every excuse they can to have you pay for things that should be covered under warranty. Also, their customer service manager just gives nothing but attitude and has no customer service skills whatsoever… Rangleland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint) Continue reading complaints about Rangeland service Next page Posted: 2012-06-07 by pbre Service Department worst service department ever, list of complaints too long to list, just don”t go there. Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2012-03-29 by Rockwood 840452 Worst Service Department with my dealing at Rangeland RV would be a gross understatement. When my wife and I purchased a new 2012 Rockwood 5th Wheel from you on 22 June 2011 I expected that you would honour the written agreement in the Forest River owner”s manual. Let”s deal with the radio issue first. I expected the unit to operate as advertized (i… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2011-11-10 by Dissappointed Seniors Worst Service Department We purchased a new 2012 fifthwheel from Rangeland RV in April. We have had many problems with the unit and have made 3 different trips to thire service department. Our unit developed loud squeaks on the bedroom floor. We took it into Rangeland RV to be repaired. They fixed the squeaks, however they made a very noticeable ridge on our carpet and some of the stain was removed from the steps leading to the bedroom… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2011-07-24 by 2514G Camper Extremely Poor Service disheartening experience with Rangeland RV. My partner and I have been intimidated, verbally abused and insulted by this company. We had some challenging concerns and questions that they did not like. Understandable that challenging questions can be, well “challenging” to respond to, but instead of having reasonable discussion they bull dozed and bullied… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2011-07-22 by DElizabeth Worst Service Department a tent trailer from rangeland RV this year and have had nothing but problems getting service completed on it. When meeting with the owner she was very rude and disrespectful (you can see that in her post above) and my friends are left with a tent trailer that Rangeland now refuses to service… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2011-06-29 by DissapointedRV-ER Worst Service Department We purchased a tent trailer from Rangeland RV in February, and we finally got it out for the summer in June only to find we were missing a part on the BBQ. We managed for the trip, thinking we could just call them up and they would have the part at their shop seeing how we did not have it. I called the service department and was told I could come down and get the bracket whenever… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2011-06-04 by DJacks Extremely Poor Service your experience with Rangeland Rv. I own a Cherokee from them that I have had for 3 yers and I have referred 4 different sets of family and friends that have bought an Rv from them in the past years and they are all extremely happy with the service they get and the repairs they receive. Did you talk to a manager about your issues because I am surprised they did not help you? Is it possible that your maker of the rv would not cover the warranty issues you had because I know that I could only get my issues covered under the 1 year warranty that I had… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint) Posted: 2011-06-03 by V Baxter Extremely Poor Service Rangeland RV is the shadiest and worse company I have ever purchased from. I purchased a holiday trailer from them and have had nothing but problems ever since. The sales associates are just out to make money and don”t care about their clients. The service department is lazy and rude. This list of incomplete work and un-delivered promises is long… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint Comment) Posted: 2011-05-24 by rangeland rv Worst Service Department you want to deframe Rangeland Rv, you should tell the public the whole story and not just bits and pieces of your side. I would have been happy to fix this for you if it had been a technician that made a mistake in installation. It seems funny to me that all the wires on the roof of the trailer are clean cut off and all connected to the second panel on the roof? Could it be possible that someone wanted to get on your roof and tried to steal your panel? There are many possibilities but the fact is that if it was an installation issue, you would have seen it far before 10 months from now… Rangeland RV Balzac Alberta (Complaint) Posted: 2011-05-19 by Calgary Campers Worst Service Department purchase a trailer from Rangeland RV. This company had our brand new trailer and work was not professional. We paid for them to install 2 solar panels and one was not installed correctly. Upon picking up the trailer, and towing home for use, a solar panel ripped off the roof, and left 4 holes in the roof…

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