Raquel Nuanes (Roc) Denver, Colorado Colorado


I have been with my husband for 14 years and married for 8, we had our last baby November of 2012.† After the pregnancy it was a bit rough on everyone with 3 other kids in the house. I was busy taking care of the kids and home and trying to go back to school. My husband got on Facebook back in 2011 and found all his old friends. One of his friends”Roc” started messaging him and wanted his number. I was okay with this at first because I had no idea who she was or what their past relationship was like. I started to wonder about the relationship after a while and I messaged her asking as woman to woman. She basically told me to not call or talk to her and that she was my husbandís friend and that was it. I left it alone and never did anything. || Fast forward 2 years and here we are again. I took some time off from Facebook and so did my husband, and of course Roc came back. I didn’t question or ask anything and I feel stupid because I should have done so a long time ago. I come to find out that this was the hood rat back in the day and that she got with all the”homeboys”.† My husband left his Facebook open on his computer and of course I snooped and I found messages from this girl and him and he was telling her how bad of a wife and mother that I was and that he wished that he could get away from me and the family. She kept telling him to leave me and that it would make him happy and she could make him happy. I confronted my husband about the messages and all he did was pack his stuff and leave. I was heartbroken and so where my kids. They had no clue as to what was going on and why daddy was all of the sudden gone, especially our baby, she was very attached to her dad. || After he left, I did some more investigating and got into his Facebook account and found messages that he went over to her house that same night that he left and ended up making her feel really good according to her message to him. I was distraught and felt like the ugliest person in the world. After him being gone for a week, he finally came back home because someone stole all of his personal items out of a garage and he lost everything. He was crying and wanting to fix things with our relationship. When he did come back home, he had a phone that I had never seen before and he said that his dad got him that phone because he lost his phone as well, there was a lock on the phone and I told him that if he wanted to come back home that I needed to see what was on that phone, he refused and said that he was going to get rid of it. || One day while cleaning I found that same phone, it was hidden under some boxes in a corner, I turned it on and found out the passcode. I found so many messages between Roc and my husband and about their affair that I literally broke down in the hallway in sheer shock and cried and cried for hours. He was messaging her while I was taking the kids to school and I myself was in school, she knew that he was still married to me and that she could only talk to him at certain times. I confronted her with all the information and she denied everything. I told her that I have all the Facebook messages and her text messages and that I was going to expose her so that everyone would know what type of person she is. After telling her this she threatened to beat me up on several occasions because she was having an affair with a married man. I told that old hood rat hoe to go back in the gutter where she belongs and that she sounded like she was a stellar mother for threatening me with physical violence. She is not very intelligent and didn’t know what to say back to me expect for that she was going to expose me for the bad wife and mother that I am. I know that I am a good wife and mother and I told her to try if she could because I know the truth about myself and she is hiding the truth about herself. || After a few days he did call her in front of me and tell her that it was a mistake to call her and see her and that he regretted ever meeting up with her and that she was not worth the hurt of his family. I am still with my husband and we are going to try to work on our marriage, I am putting my faith in God that he will help our family out. We have a lot of work to do and I pray that things will work out for the sake of our family.

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