Ratel Development/ Bass Holdings Review


Danny or Dani, and Son Dor Bass from Bass Holdings, Ratel Development are builders in the Syossett-Planview area. They are very unethical and build poor grade homes. They use low grade material and use Illegal aliens to do there work. They also hava bad reputation with the realtors, they promise the listing on the new development and either don’t give it to you or they will give it to you and make up reason’s to withdraw the contract. Pleas beware when dealing with this father and son combo, they seem nice in the begining then it all goes down hill from there.


  • Name: Ratel Development/ Bass Holdings
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Syosset
  • Address: 51 Bluebird Dr
  • Phone: 516-754-7473
  • Website:

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