Rave orlando Florida Review


This Rave is employed by teenage lunatics. Numerous times I have gone there and left having really bad experiences– mistreated, yelled at, harassed, sprayed perfume near me/around me. The psychos there get aggressive and obnoxious and last time I was there, the cashier sceramed so loud like a mad b***h, as she was ringing my things up, at someone climbing a ladder. She did this repeat times and I was shocked by the noise, in serious pain and had to step away. She didn’t have the care to think that someone is inches away from her and probably did it louder just to shock you the way she did– thse people are sadistic in nature and just flat out obnoxious immature….these creeps need to be fired and let some mature normal people run this store not crazy loud teenagers with no manners and who harass and yell at customers all the time. nI left the store last tiem almost shocked/traumatized, and felt lke calling the police because this is liek the 5th or 6th time I left that store upset or annoyed, though this time it was really bad and my ears and hear were in pain. No csutomer should enter a store and leave in a state of trauma like this…next time i go to that hellhole nightmaer of a store, I will take a security guard with me so that the teenage rats can’t harass me to oblivion or injure me in some form. nHey rave, shut that place down or hire a new team of peopel and get rid of the loud immature obnoxious psychos that do the absolute worst job of running a store possible. njoannnorlando, FloridaU.S.A.

Oviedo Marketplace Oviedo, Florida U.S.A.

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