Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating Review


I was referred to Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating for some extensive work to be done on my home. When I called, I was given a date to do the work on the phone. Jason (who is their office manager) stated there was no need to come out & what I told him that needed to be done was good enough. They sent their employee Aaron to do the work. The work was done, & it wasn’t installed correctly. I have tried to resolve this with the owner (Todd Flanagan) & as of last week, the problems are not resolved. I have called him on his cell phone, & texted him & He won’t respond. I have sent emails to their office manager (Jason) & still not resolved. This is going on now for 5 months. I now have to get another company to come back in & replace everything that was done by Ray Flanagan Plumbing & Heating. Also, I have had to contact my attorney to start litigation. I tried numerous times & the company is “”known”” for poor communication between their employees & customers. I also plan on contacting the Better Business Bureau as well. I live in a condo, & have spoken to some board members. The board members don’t even like using Ray Flanagan, but because they will work with them on billing (And also their prices are VERY STEEP) They eventually plan on depending on the property management company to find them a new plumbing & Heating company. The board members didn’t want me to mention their names in my complaint. All I can say is that I had a bad experience wth this company & don’t plan on using them again. I tried to work with them. Now I have to get my attorney involved & it will take forever to resolve. .

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