Ray Skillman Discount Chevrolet Review


I purchased a 2007 chevrolet silverado pick-up from salesperson Shawn Krump (I think that is his last name) on or about 10Feb14. During the process of signing the finance papers I agreed to purchase an Extended Service Warrant, and Gap Insurance. The total amount of these I can’t remember. Being a Disabled Veteran, I was unabled to drive or ride comfortably in that type of pick-up. On 26Feb14 I returned to ray skillman chevrolet and asked to speak with Shawn Krump who had stated earlier he could help me with another vehicle that would suit me better. After settling on my current vehicle, a 2011 chevy colorado pick up we agree upon a selling price of 18,988 and 13,000 trade in allowance for my 2006 silverado I used as a trade in. At that point, Shawn asked if I had any cash for a down payment. I said no, and we agreed and signed the purchase order for him to take to his boss. When Shawn returned a few minutes later, he said I was approved for the 2011 colorado pick up and would have to wait for my turn in the finance office. After about 45 minutes, Shawn came out and again asked if I could place some money down, due to a possible finance situation, I again stated I had no money for a down payment. When my turn came to go into the finance office, Shawn introduced me to a man named Josh. I had forgotten both of my earing aids that day and did not get his last name. My first question to Josh was why the price of the vehicle was 22741.16 and not our previously agreed upon price o 18,988. He said it was raised in order to show the financial company (Centra Credit Union) the price that they would finance. A few lines down the contract it showed a cash down payment of 2458.00. I said I have no cash for a down payment, Josh stated it was a bogus down payment in order to get me approved for financing. A few document later, Josh informed me that I must purchase the extended warrant program, and the GAP insurance in order for Centra Credit Union to finance me. That sounded strange, but I also knew I could cancel it within 30 days and the monies would be sent to Centra to take off of the balance I owed. That was a total of over 4300.00 more I had to pay. A tire hazard policy for 995.00 was also added. When I returned home that day with my 2011 colorado, I called Centra Credit Union and was informed by the auto loan deparrtment, I did not have to purchase any warranties in order to ensure financing. So, Josh lied about that, and again about the so called bogus down payment of 2458.00 as I will now explain. The following Monday I went back to Ray Skillman chevy and asked for a odometer form for my 2007 silverado that I traded in for the 2011 colorado, this is an item you must have to get a refund for the unused portion. Since I had the old truck only for 10-11 days i really could of used that money, since I was going through a divorce and had many legal fees ahead of me. I signed the documents for my refund and was told I would be notified of when I could come in and pick up my check. I returned home, and about 2 hours later is when Shawn (my sales person) called and said I had given him permission to use thst money for a down payment. I said no, our deal was no cash down and he said I was a liar, and probably had forgotten since I was old and had alot on my mind. Man, I was furiouos and demanded to speak with his boss, who said the same thing. Another manager of some sort asked what he could do, I said just give me the money that is reightfully mine, and he also said there was no way I was getting any money back. I left 2 messages for the General Manager to call me, and I am still waiting. Due to some bad health problems, and some severe family problems, I have waited and tried to do the right thing, but now I have been stolen from, lied to, and verbally abused by a business that promotes honestly and fairness. Please look into this, I need that money that is rightfully mine. I signed no document authorizeing them to get that money and keep it as a down payment or whatever they did with it. I served my country for over 20 years in the US Marine Corps for people like this. It is wrong and they should be punished. And mysteriously, the original sellers and purchasers agreement has been mysteriously lost or misplaced. Imagine that one. I swear that this statement is true to the best of my knowledge, and I have all the papers given to me the day I purchased the 2011 colorado. Thank you and God Bless you & God Bless the USA

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