Razorback Moving Review


I had used A1 razorback movers in the past 9 years ago they were fine. So I assumed David Robertson the owner already knowing us I’d be in good hands!!!!! Wow little did I know it was a TOTAL DISASTER TO SAY THE LEAST! October 3rd 2014 Friday three small fellows showed up with a mid sized u-haul truck. They started out by carrying out one box at a time (being on an hourly rate) that upset me. I called David to let him know they were moving slow. I had a 4 bedroom two bath full size garage and backyard shed 8 years of living in my home. All the boxes were marked with neon index cards ie kitchen, master bath ect. All the rooms in the new house were labeled on the door so the guys knew where to go. Needless to say after all the boxes were moved I found myself moving marked on all four corners boxes on bottom marked fragile. Then I realized allot of my pictures antiques were broken. Dishes my grandmother passed to me from the 1930’s that cant be replaced. Dents in the new houses wall, a 3inch chip out of the hallway as well. Come time to move in our washer and dryer bought from Sears two weeks prior. They put the dryer on the dolly never tying it to the dolly. I asked him and I was told he had no tie downs. Just like I was told he forgot his tools to take beds apart. We furnished the tools. Washing machine is put in the dolly one man he gets up the step from the garage to the laundry room and he lost grip of the front and BAM. It hits the ceramic tile… It’s digital so it pushed all the knobs in, scratched up the circle facing it was obvious it had been dropped. The $599.00 extended warranty I bought from Sears was no good of course because it was obviously dropped. I contacted David the owner he assured me both by phone and by text it would be fixed…. It took him until October 10th 2014 to come see the damage and that was with me blowing up his phone daily. He had two guys to come look at it first guy he said was a dud the second guy mr harvest from pine bluff tells David the motherboard needs to be replaced… This is all on November 21st 2014 finally called mr Harvey after David the owner said the part wasn’t in yet mr Harvey tells me he can’t replace it the unit needs to be replaced. I found a refurbished ken more elite for $600.00 at Sears told David and he proceeds to tell me mr Harvey said I was trying to commit fraud?????? Since then I’ve had my husband text and call him the last thing i said to him was today December 3rd 2014 ” I would like my washer fixed David!!! weve been more than patient. But weve been patient since 6pm on October 3rd 2014 I feel like that’s being plenty patienton our part. I expect you to make this right as you’ve been saying for two months one way or the other. You are not living up to your company name nor your rediculous contract! 4 minutes later I got a reply and I quote him ” whichever you would like to do. It’s not from a lack of trying i can assure you” i just know right now two months later I now sit with three kids myself and my injured husband lugging laundry back and fourth to the closest laundry mat 11 miles away three days a week! He’s had me to his home I know seven on your side said they couldn’t find him well my husband is a Licenced PI we can help! I won’t let this go until justice is served. I DONT WANT THIS HAPPENING TO ANOTHER FAMILY HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED IMMEDIATLEY! .

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