RC Saddle, Robert Chavez St. Louis Missouri Review


I called Robert in December to ask about a used saddle he had posted for sale. He told me he was working on some stock saddles at the moment and would make me a great deal on one if i could pay up front. I told him i was looking for used, because it was for my son, who would be graduating in May and he always wanted a wade saddle. He told me it would not be a problem, that he would be finished late February, early March. He told me to contact him February 1st for status. I contacted him the first week of February by phone, he was very rude, and said he was working on other saddles. He told me to contact him in a Month. He has not responded to my phone calls or emails since. My son has now graduated, and that was going to be his graduation gift. I would probably still be patient if i had not read the other complaints on this website that sound very similar to my own.

23869 Clover Spring Rd. Tehachapi, California USA



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