RC Willey Home Furnishings Complaint


A little over a year ago, I purchased a bed from the RC Willey in West Valley City, Utah. Now this bed had a few problems. The side rails kept breaking. RC Willey sent out a repair team several times to fix the bed. About 11 months into owning the bed, it broke beyond repair. Since the bed was no longer made, RC Willey offered an in-store credit to purchase a new bed. I selected a new model – at greater expense – and had it delivered. Well, this bed has since broken three times. After the second repair, I decided to address the problem myself. It had collapsed in the center due to improper design. Foregoing RC Willey”s crack repair service, I went to Home Depot, bought a 2×4, and fortified the center supports myself. Let me tell you – the bed is solid as a rock now. Thanks, RC Willey, for giving me the opportunity to use my cordless drill and circular saw. These tools were expensive, and I was having a hard time justifying the cost, but now they have paid for themselves! In fact, I also repaired a leather recliner (La-Z-Boy) I bought from RC Willey. Fortunately, I have a machining background, so I was able to build a few braces to keep the chair working. Sure, it weighs about twenty more pounds now, but it could withstand an earthquake now. My advice? Skip RC Willey and go directly to Home Depot. Buy some lumber and build your own furniture. And don”t be fooled by the free hot dogs RC Willey offers. It”s just a ploy to suck you into the black hole. Honestly, I would not accept any merchandise from RC Willey even it were given to me. Their stuff is dangerous. It”s sad to see this once fine company decline. Ever since Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway acquired the chain, the quality of their furniture has declined.

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