Ready Travel Lebanon Illinois Review


We received an invitation to attend a presentation with the promise of a free travel voucher which included free air fare for two, a hotel for two nights and a rental car. We were never informed that there was any “Activation Fee”” required

nor did anyone from the presentation ever indicate that there was any type of payment that needed to be mailed with the activation form. The opposite is

in fact

true. EVERYONE at the presentation was told that the travel voucher we were to receive was absolutely free and that the only requirement was that the form be filled out and mailed within 21 days. After filling out the form and mailing it per the instructions

the form was returned more than 1 month later stamped void in 3 places with a letter stating that we had failed to meet the terms and conditions. There is no phone number or any information provided where we could contact the company other than the PO Box address on the letter and envelope. Friends of ours also attended the presentation and received a similar letter. This is obviously a scam. We will find a number to contact the company at and let them know of our intentions to file complaints with both the Better Business Bureau and our state’s Attorney Generals office.”

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