Reagan Morris Beaumont, Texas Texas


First off I’ll start by saying this whore here is something else. 10 years ago I met my husband and we’ve been married for 9 years. Back in November of 2006 I get an anonymous phone call from this girl stating she was f**king my husband and she knew he was married and she didn’t care. The early morning hours of December 3, 2006, my husbandís cousin set them up because they were together. When they pulled up they didn’t see me but I guarantee she felt me. After the altercation that night I went in labor early with our son. || At least 6 years pass and we don’t see or hear from her. Now all of a sudden just a couple months ago this ugly man looking slut started in boxing my husband on Facebook and then started sending him pictures. She know he is married but she doesn’t care. My husband isn’t the only man she tries and sleeps with. She doesn’t want anyone unless he has a girlfriend or wife. || Currently she is walking around town bragging like its cute or right! If you have a husband or boyfriend watch out for this ghetto project hood rat slut bucket!!!

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