Real Property Management miramar Florida Review


Be aware of renting from this company, they will rip you off!! My husband and i lived in this home for a year at first we loved the house we even went as far as wanting to buy the home. At first glance the house looked perfect it had minor issues (Carpet, miss matched walls, dirt and grime) but all things that could definitely be fixed. After living in the home for 3 months we received our first water bill which to our surprise was over $300.00 RPM had neglected to inform us that the sprinkler system was damaged and running constantly, needless to say RPM wouldn’t even bother to acknowledge their responsibility of informing us of the damaged system. Then the bathroom became clogged, the downstairs bathroom wouldn’t stop running and RPM never fixed any of these issues. We never made them an issue simply turning off the sprinkler system and we eventually resorted to turning off our guest bathroom. Finally it came time to renew our lease, the whole year we paid $1500 for the home all of a sudden the home went from that to $1525. I know this might not sound like such a huge increase but when you consider the type of customer service we received all year round it didn’t seem like a smart business venture to continue with RPM. After they hounded us for a month we finally declined renewing the lease, and gave them our 30day notice. Then they sent us by certified mail the most ridiculous list of how to clean the home including how to clean window sills.They actually spent $5 to send us this bullshit list, we went to the home, emptied it out completely, vacuumed all the rooms and moved into our new home which if i may say is a million times bigger and only $1200. n After a week they went to inspect the home, they informed us that the home wasn’t cleaned properly and that they wanted us to go back in and paint the walls that had holes from when we put up pictures and art, the carpet upstairs needed to be cleaned (even though these are normal wear and tear items), under the sinks in the bathroom still needed to be cleaned and the refrigerators ice tray needed to be cleaned. We said fine lets go back into the home clean under the sink and all of the window sills, rented a machine to clean the carpet and went to homedepot to color match the paint because RPM being the unorganized company and complete morons that they are didn’t even know the paint color in the home (they suggested for us to get the walls colored matched). After we did that they went to inspect the home a weel later and told us that the home still wasn’t up to par, i mean my god what do they want us to do build them a new home? They sent us an email with the total damage they where going to take from our deposit which was $1400 out of a total $3000 they owed us. That breaks down to and i quote “$200 for a cleaning service $200 for a professional carpet cleaning and finally the biggest slap in the face was $1000 for paint.””(which mind you like i said they didn’t even know the name of the color). I asked them what wasn’t cleaned in the home that needed to be they sent us pictures with “”one”” hanger still hanging in the closet

a cotton ball that was left from us vacuuming in the closet. they said that we needed to paint the entire wall not just where the hole was.They stated that the window sills weren’t cleaned

the carpet on the second floor needed to be cleaned professionally nBelieve me when i say i wanted to kill these people i did!! I am now in the process of filling a claim in small claims court with these people. I lived in the home i loved it and i took care of it even when RPM didn’t!! If you are renting from these people

prepare yourself they will take your deposit and give you a bunch of bullshit as to why. I will take them to court and continue to tell everyone i know never and i do mean never do business with this company

we are even considering filing suit against these people. I work hard for my money and its not fare that someone thinks they can just take it. nDo yourself a favor dont rent from these people!! And as always read your contract.”

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