REALSTAR Mississauga Ontario


Complaint: PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING. The resident managers who swear that they are the owners are the most rude people you will ever come across. VERY unprofessional and rude to their staff. ESPECIALLY the lady (SHANTI). I have witnessed her first hand disrespecting the assistant supers IN FRONT of other tentants. They have had way too many assisstants come and go because of her attitude and the way that she treats her co workers is just plain unprofessional. She is a lying two faced b*tch that clearly gets away with whatever she wants because she apparently makes a lot of money for the company. It’s no wonder why realstar lost the building to a new company. They don’t know how to manage a building. they don’t care about the complaints and they don’t listen to what the tenants have to say. SHANTI thinks that she can disrespect anyone she wants and always gets away with it because LISA the district manager and her and friends. The district manager only cares about the money that they are making rather than how their tenants are being treated. SHANTI is friends with all the elderly people in the building and talks SH*T about the rest. I feel so bad for the assisstants that constantly come and go because she treats them like they are so below her. I overheard her talking about the assisstants to another tenant in the building. Telling them that the assistants are useless! To talk about your co worker like that is very childish, let alone UNPROFESSIONAL. She seems to think as if she OWNS the building. As for her husband. I barely see him lifting a finger. I ALWAYS see the assisstants sweating. Working hard. Yet SHANTI has the nerve and audacity to bash them to the other tenants. Also I overheard her telling another tentant that she declined tons of applicants because she dosent like the way that they are dressed. Specifically Muslims. RACIST MUCH? PLEASE IF YOU CAN. STAY AWAY!!

Tags: Landlords

Address: 6550 glen Erin dr Mississauga, Ontario Canada


Phone: 2893340959

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