Realtor Review


Received a call today on my cell phone where a lady said she was a realtor and that they had sold many houses in our area (which houses are selling like hot cakes in our area) and asked if I was on my street to which I said "yes" then she hung up. I never answer calls I am not familiar with, but I was in the car and saw the 512 number so did for some reason ? After she hung up I became very suspicious obviously so googled away and found out about the saying "yes" to phone call scam, where they record you saying "yes" and that can be used for fraudulent charges on your cable/internet, phone or credit cards that they might already have access to. Needless to say I have called all my cards/businesses etc. to make them aware and I am filing a report with the as that was also suggested. Lesson learned here which I already knew is don’t answer calls in this day and age to any numbers you are not familiar with at all.

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